Veterinary Technology Solutions - Communications

Better client communication meets easy to use.

A Patterson exclusive, ePetHealth is the most robust solution on the market at a great value. Set up consistent and automatic client communications such as health service reminder emails, text messages and postcards, appointment reminder text messages and emails and post-appointment thank you emails.

With DIA, you can educate your clients with thousands of images, all in one cloud. Radiographs, animations, videos and more. You don’t need to grab scratch paper and a pencil to draw out your recommendations. Just grab your mouse! DIA is a Patterson exclusive.

Get your own practice-branded app. We build it for you! With Vet2Pet, our app is your app, branded for you and ready to send push notifications, appointment requests, healthcare reminders and more. Everyone is on their phones throughout the day now. Your own app makes it easy to communicate with them wherever they are.

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