What's Included


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The basic and best veterinary marketing tool.

Reminders are an absolute essential to your practice and your bottom line. ePetHealth makes it easy to bring clients back through your doors. You choose the reminder schedule and message.

Cards are 4"x6" and branded to your practice. Canine, feline, equine and exotic cards are available and can include your practice logo and patients’ pictures.

We print them, stamp them and mail them for you daily.


Increase your online visibility and reputation.

Enhanced surveys help you improve customer service. Send unlimited custom surveys tailored to each client based on their visit type. Comprehensive reporting is included too.

Reputation Builder automatically directs satisfied clients to online review sites like Google and Yelp to increase your star rating. Get notified when you have new feedback and choose which reviews to publish to your website. For more information on Reputation Builder, click here.


Our expanded portfolio can help everyone from single-doctor small market practices to multi-doctor competitive market practices. From single-page, scrolling templates to completely optimized, custom-built sites with white-glove service and additional digital marketing services, we have more options for you than ever. For more information on Veterinary Practice Websites, click here.


Our fully customizable app and loyalty program.

With Patterson’s partner Vet2Pet, you can easily have your own app, custom branded to your practice. This app helps you stay in touch with clients and reward your best customers for their loyalty. Practices have increased revenue by more than 75% simply by rewarding loyal customers.

Your clients can request appointments on the app and request prescription refills by simply snapping a photo and sending it to you. You can even send Push Notifications to your clients with news or specials in your practice or updates on their pet.

Your app is customized with your practice’s branding; Vet2Pet builds it for you and it’s ready in two to three weeks. For more information on Vet2Pet, click here.


Give your clients plenty of context.

With Text On Demand Plus, you can text medical records, lab results and images and include your own voice-over recording. So your clients get plenty of context along with your message. You can also text groups, so it’s easier to communicate clearly and fully with clients, specialists and hospitals. And all texts come directly from your computer, keeping your cell phone number private and saving you time.

Online Pharmacy and Home Delivery

Ship your patients’ prescriptions.

Patterson’s partner VetSource allows your clients to order and ship their pets’ prescription medicines and prescribed food right to their home. This is a great feature for clients who live in more than one location or those with transportation limitations. Plus, they’re getting their pet’s medicine from the person they trust: you.


Patterson’s partner, VetSuccess, takes away the hassle and stress of pulling your practice data. Dive deep into actionable insights with ready-to-go, monthly reports. Let VetSuccess analyze your data, so you can focus on creating strategies that grow your practice. For more information on VetSuccess, click here.


No more scrambling for books or sketching out conditions or procedures on a piece of paper. This program will greatly improve your ability to validate your diagnostic findings and explain procedures.

DIA includes thousands of anatomical illustrations, animations, clinical images, radiographs, handouts and other diagnostic images and content that cover a myriad of conditions. It’s all in a single cloud. DIA is the ultimate visual aid needed to increase compliance with your recommendations. Since it’s cloud-based, you can use it anywhere.
For more information on DIA, click here.

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