Diagnostic Imaging Atlas – DIA

A cloud-based client education solution

DIA - Digital Imaging Atlas - veterinary education cloud

An entire atlas of illustrations to help you illustrate recommendations.

Help your clients understand and accept your professional recommendations about the health of their animals with Diagnostic Imaging Atlas (DIA). With thousands of anatomical illustrations, animations, clinical images, radiographs, handouts and other diagnostic images, DIA can help you cover a myriad of conditions with your clients

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Because DIA has more than 3,000 images, you have more than 3,000 ways to show and tell your client about your recommended procedure. It’s the ultimate visual aid. DIA is a best-in-class tool with the freedom of the cloud. So you can educate your clients anywhere, anytime.

DIA includes 65 animations, 227 endoscopy images, 480 illustrations, 988 photographs, 88 videos, 315 ultrasound images, 71 ultrasound videos, and 977 radiographs
DIA, a cloud-based client education tool


DIA is a cloud-based solution, so you have client education resources with you everywhere you practice. Easily pull up DIA materials to show clients exactly why your treatment recommendations are important and help them understand the impact those recommendations have on the health of their animal. Whether you’re in a clinic or in the field, DIA’s virtual anatomy is with you wherever you go and on any device

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No more scrambling for books or sketching out conditions or procedures on a piece of paper. Put these resources to work for your practice and start driving greater compliance today. DIA features education content for canine, feline and equine species

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