Package Quantity: 1/Pkg
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The MDS-Vet™ Transcervical Insemination Endoscope Kit is an affordable and effective solution for artificial insemination.

  • Adaptable to most existing light sources and video systems
  • Operating sheath will accommodate a 5 French catheter for semen delivery, as well as dual stopcocks for insufflation/irrigation and suction
  • Artificial insemination is a service the veterinary practitioner can offer to their clients to create a new profit center in their practice

Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Shaft Diameter: 5.2 mm Degree - Left/Right: 0 Degree Operating Channel: 2 mm Contains: 1 (430 mm) length endoscope with 5.2 mm diameter sheath, 4 mm port with 2 mm (6 French) operating channel, 1 insufflation bulb, 1 dual stopcock and 1 lightpost adapter for ACMI®-Storz-Wolf Shaft Length: 430 mm Reusability: Reusable Product Type: Endoscope Outside Diameter: 4 mm