Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Presentation: Pellet
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First Companion® SandPurge™ Psyllium Pellets are apple and molasses flavored and formulated with 100% pure psyllium seed husk to aid in removing sand and dirt from the intestinal tract.

  • Can be given during or after mealtime
  • Can be used as a top-dress or feed separately to reduce gastrointestinal upset and increase gut function
  • Reduce the possibility of sand colic in horses and ponies
  • Adult Horses (1,000 lbs): Administer 1 to 1.5 scoops daily for one full week (7 days) out of every month
  • Give less to ponies, yearlings and foals – more to larger horses and draft breeds

Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Supply Duration: 4 Months Presentation: Pellet Flavor: Apple & Molasses Container Type: Tub Delivery Type: Oral Product Weight: 10 lb