3D X-ray Equipment

The NewTom 5G gives you a 360o view.

You don’t have to be a specialist to get the best X-rays for your patients. The NewTom uses cone beam technology to give you the most detailed, 360-degree view in just 18 seconds. The NewTom runs on regular current and does not need a lead-lined room. Veterinarians have found the NewTom means more detailed studies with less – or no – anesthesia for their patients.

NewTom works for everyday diagnoses such as middle-ear disease, inner-ear disease, sinus disease, metastatic lung disease and nearly any condition affecting the front limb. NewTom reveals more serious issues as well, such as fragmented medial coronoid process and more.

NewTom is the most innovative way to care for your patients and grow your practice because it is the fastest and easiest to install 3D X-ray on the market. Unlike traditional 3D X-rays, the NewTom creates a 3D, cone-shaped beam that circles the patient once to generate an image in seconds. You don’t need lead-lined walls and the NewTom uses regular household current. Just plug it in.

Includes free installation, training and a five-year warranty

Exclusively with Patterson, when you purchase the NewTom, you also get complete practice integration with six days of on-site training, access to a radiologist and surgical training for related procedures with a veterinarian or CVT. Six days of hands-on training in your practice for you and your staff will have you up and running in no time. And only Patterson helps you whenever you need it, long after installation. It’s the service you can find only from Patterson.

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