3D X-ray Equipment

Filling the gaps left by 2D radiographs

You don’t have to be a specialist to get the best CT imaging for your patients. The NewTom Veterinary CT Scanner uses cone beam technology to give you the fastest, most detailed diagnosis with 3D, 360-degree views. It fills the gaps left behind by traditional two-dimensional radiographs.

It works for everyday diagnoses such as middle and inner-ear disease, sinus disease, metastatic lung disease and performs full-mouth dental radiographs in just 18 seconds. It also excels at advanced diagnoses like medial compartment disease of the forelimb and intervertebral disk disease.

"In the first six months that we've had this NewTom, we found 11 nasal cancers. I don't know that in the 18 years that I've been practicing I've found more than 11."

- Dr. Shane Whitaker

  • The entire machine fits in an 8ft by 12ft area of space.
  • NewTom plugs into a standard outlet — you no longer have to use lead-lined rooms or special shielding to use the NewTom CT Scanner. Just plug it in.
  • Performs full dental radiographs in 18 seconds.
  • Excels in everyday and advanced cases, such as dentals, sinuses, ears, forelimbs, spinal, and lung imaging.
  • Surgical training included with purchase.
  • Extended warranties available
  • 2 year parts and labor warranty

Dr. Shane Whitaker | How the NewTom helps him make diagnoses like never before

Dr. John Wight | NewTom CT Scanner in practice


Patterson offers unmatched service when purchasing the NewTom 3D 
CT Scanner, including complete practice integration with six days of 
on-site training, access to surgical training, and a full two year, all-inclusive parts and labor warranty at no additional cost with no service contracts.


  • One Veterinary NewTom 3D CT scanner
  • One automated patient table
  • One control computer with wall mount


  • Two days of software and positioning training
  • Two days of application and implementation training with DVM
  • Two days of advanced software and positioning training


  • Installation
  • Lifetime software updates
  • 2-year, full-coverage warranty
  • Radiation shielding report submitted to state

"I feel totally supported. That’s really valuable to me because the ongoing training allows me to grow as I use the machine."

- Dr. John Wight